Online Manuscript Management for Peer-Reviewed Journals

journalagent™ is easy-to-use full-function Manuscript Submission, Tracking and Publishing System for Peer-Reviewed Journals. Also, it is used by over 80 journals and thousands of Authors / Academicians.

Just One Gate

There is no different log-in for different tasks. System can recognize the user and its privilege.

journalagent™ is one hand solution to collect manuscripts, evaluate and publish for Peer-Reviewed Journals. It is very easy to create Evaluation Forms and allocate manuscripts with reviewers.

It also offers the environment to authors and scientists to submit and track their manuscripts; gives instruments the collaboration between authors, reviewers and editors. All corresponding between users are saved into the logs.

journalagent can be activated in just minutes, fully functional within a day integrated to your system. Our Team can assist to your journal in order to have ISSN & e-ISSN numbers and assign DOI numbers to your articles. Lookus Scientific accredited by CrossRef as a publisher.

You can automatically have all the themes of corresponding in ordinary journals by using journalagent. You can personalize all of 'em.

We love what we do

We are very proud of being a part of Producing Science. That's why the journals are our partners, not customers.
Why shoudn't use journalagent when you have the first 12 months Money-Back Guarantee?



journalagent is a living system.
You can always use the updated version of it.

Ready in a day!

journalagent™ Can be activated in just minutes, fully functional within a day integrated to your system.


Manuscripts collected according to the international criteria and under the known Editorial Policy Statements.


Operated in English and Multilingual help-desk.


Published volumes and issues are automatically created with search options.

Publisher Options

Publishers can grab the accepted manuscript files from the system using their accounts. Publisher-author relationships can be established directly.


System provides e-publishing options. Articles are published on journal's web-site in real-time.

DOI Compatible

DOI numbers assigned for published manuscripts.

Advanced Logging

Advanced logging feature recording all stages of the submission process.


Two side blind, anonymous manuscript review.

Custom PDF Engine

All of the files of the manuscript compiled as a single PDF for referees. It gives line and page numbers to the PDFs. This feature is developed by LookUs and is unique to journalagent™.

Digital Archive

JournalAgent is committed to the permanent availability and preservation of scholarly research and to ensure accessibility by converting and upgrading digital file formats to comply with new technology standards. We are maintaining our own digital archive.

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